The Martracon App

All the information about your vessels and their crew, immediately at your disposal.

Our web app is an online database for your vessels, listing all their crew on-board or on holiday. This app was designed to be as user-friendly and quick as possible in order to make working easier when monitoring the crew or requiring any of their information.

Complete overview with one click

Each customer has an exclusive Login for his vessels where he can monitor and access all required information of his crew. Once clicked on one of the vessels, the entire crew list is displayed with the main details of each crew member shown. This enables one to follow the planning of the crew members with expected crew change dates or simply comparing the crew list for accounting purposes.

All certificates and details instantly

In the seafarer section you can see and access all seafarers which are employed on your vessels and also the ones which are currently on holiday. Either one can find a seafarer with the search function or simply by scrolling through your vessels. All certificates, documents and contracts for each seafarer can be viewed, printed or downloaded in this section. The main details for each document can be seen in the overview, enabling a full control with regards to their expiry date.