Cost Control & Consulting

Being in the crew management sector since nearly 30 years, a vast combination of experience and data has been gathered throughout the full crew management scope.

Having blue chip clients and stock listed fund and asset managers on the clients list, enabled a deep insight into required reporting standards which have been implemented in our daily business.

Both these attributes combined, offer a transparent and efficient basis for cost control, budgeting, and consulting purposes. Using leading edge cloud-based software, data is computed into numerous KPI’s assisting in evaluation and reports.

The service starts from a basic crew salary control, over their travel expenses, union dues, documentation costs, all the way up to full yearly budget analysis and cost control.

Whether this is a specific check or a constant monitoring, we offer a tailor-made solution for controlling your assets and establishing efficient and transparent crew cost figures. Throughout the entire process, consultation is included and according to our client’s request, we represent their interest towards other third-party providers and enable transparency and control for their crew budgets and applying relevant KPIs if requested.