Ship Management
in a professional way

Being independent from any Shipping Company we can focus specifically on our clients vessels and their exact needs.

The Martracon Group was founded in Limassol, Cyprus in 1993. Since then the Group has steadily expanded and now consists of the following locations

The core business of the Martracon Group is crew management where we provide our clients with professional crew from all over the world on all different types and sizes of vessels. Over the past years, the expertise broadened, and we now provide various ship management services to our clients.

Through the years of experience in the various ship management areas, we can also offer support in the individual areas of ship management. Whether payrolling, eWallet solutions, cost control or other services, you can always rely on our experience, our network and transparent working culture.

We as Martracon are a family owned and run business, independent from any shipping company which is why we can concentrate and focus specifically on our client’s vessels and their exact needs.