Emergency Crew, Contractors & 
Service / Repair teams

Whether you require a single (or more) specialists on a temporary basis or a short/long term replacement for a crew member on board of your vessel; we have a pool of experienced crew members in most ranks on standby.

This is a rapid solution to a last-minute problem that might arise. We simply require the basic details of rank, vessel, itinerary, contract duration and any other specifics and we shall prepare and mobilise a suitable replacement equipped all required documents, certificates and working gear in shortest time possible with your consent.

Of course, this service is on a 24/7 basis, therefore please feel free to contact us immediately.

Additionally, we can fall back on our multifaceted crew pool to select the right repair or service team for your vessel and task. With the required information, the team can be selected, equipped, and deployed for the specific project, including all requested and relevant requirements on an at cost or lumpsum basis. These teams are also a great preparation for vessels dry dock and able to assist during the yard time, or simply as a rapid and strong solution for general and/or special maintenance such as overhauling’s, urgent repairs and rectifications.

We are further providing full riding gangs with a good team of Fitters and Welders being able to assist in the improvement of the decks and piping condition – if required class approved Fitters can be provided upon request as well. Our Fitters are also experienced in the installation of Ballast Water Systems either during dry dock or during running vessels operation and can be a valuable asset for your engine team.