Crew Management

Currently the group employs over 500 seafarers on board at a time who are all individually selected according to the clients’ needs whilst also accommodating any special requirements such as vessels flag, trading area, type (e.g. container, general cargo, LNG-fuelled, bulk, RoRo, offshore vessels, reefers or tankers) or special trainings. Providing such tailor-made solutions, we have the capability to offer our clients a complete service with a selection of crew ranging from the Captain all the way to a Messman or Cadet.

We offer our customers a package solution which incorporates bringing crew members onboard worldwide, fully equipped with documents, visas and working gear. Our geographic spread is further guaranteed by global partners, providing our clients the security that our full service is always in their close vicinity.

Below are some examples of the available crew management services:

We have complete crews for all types of merchant vessels including container vessels, bulk carriers, tankers, RoRos, general cargo, reefers, and offshore vessels.

Cadet Schemes and Crew Promotion

Over the past decades we constantly managed to improve our cadet and training schemes. Having started with this, directly from the beginning, we have the third generation of crew members on board of our vessels.

We strongly believe that investing in the future generation is a large part of success to a stable and well trained crew rotation on board of our vessels. This includes a long screening process and an active role in development of the crew members assisting them to achieve their long-term goal through a steady promotion scheme.

Gladly we would build up your own pool of seafarers, with experienced crew members and a long-term perspective for future crew achievements.